Plain Wood Doors - Vanilla Add-On

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8,993 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.13.1

This is a simple pack with the sole idea of having doors look more like the planks they are crafted from! All the textures are made to fit with the vanilla resource pack.

If you love my works, maybe consider donating some snack money so I can continue making things for a long time to come? Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, even just downloading the pack and giving me feedback motivates me to continue updating my works :)

If you're interested in donating, you can do so via Paypal.

Thank you to the following people for their donations!                                  

[First donor] VasilisGR
[Top donor] gtxVel
[Resent donor] Carly Molyneux

1. gtxVel - $10.00
2. Niklas Freidwall - $10.00

3. Carly Molyneux - $5.00
4. VasilisGR - $3.00

You may;

1.) Use this pack for personal pack remixes, alters, and edits 
2.) Use this pack on your server 
3.) Use this pack for server pack remixes, alters, or edits 
    3a.) Host your pack somewhere in order to use it on your server if needed 
4.) Use this pack in videos, images, or other forms of media (Please provide credit to the pack if able!)


You may not;

5.) Re-upload this pack somewhere else 
6.) Claim textures from this pack as your own 
7.) Redistribute assets from this pack without permission and credit 
8.) Redistribute edited assets from this pack without credit 



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