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The only realistic texture pack at default resolution!


Includes (most) blocks, items, armors, mobs, weather, particles, complex biome colors, custom lighting, custom clouds and sky, a stylish, minimalist graphical interface and a few add-ons with optional variations.

Realistic colors, subtle shading, seamless tiling, unbelievable detail, everything was designed to make Minecraft look more real without sacrificing its blocky style. This is not your average flat, amateurish 16x pack!


You're free to use and distribute this pack or parts of it as long as you:

  • don't make any money from it
  • apply to it the same license or similar ones
  • clearly state where you took it from by linking to this page


 NOTE: you don't need mods to correctly view this pack in game, but if you use Optifine you'll enjoy a much better experience, especially regarding lighting, colors and sky effects.


The Pixel Reality family


 Pixel Reality Luminance

This pack features lighting effects only, all textures stay vanilla. Excellent if you just want a more realistic experience but don't care for different graphics. Includes many versions, from full changes to lightmaps to realistic shadows only.


 Pixel Reality Atmosphere

Adds a realistic sky to vanilla or any pack, of any resolution. 


This pack is also available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Win10/console/mobile): Pixel Reality