!!PhotoCraft 2k is no longer under active development and can have problems loading into newer versions of minecraft. i am currently putting all my time into vanilla fusion 2k. 



High quality

PhotoCraft is a high resolution, realistic resource pack that uses high quality images for the best possible texture quality. It also uses POM, that gives a new layer of depta to the textures in game.As well as high quality normal and specular maps.

This resource pack requires a shader pack that support pom and pbr to work as intended

Different resolution scale

PhotoCraft will only have two resolution and that is 1024x - 2k.

Replacement of old version to new version (PhotoCraft 2k Custom edition)

As you might know already PhotoCraft 2k uses mostly free to use assets that aren't custom made for its textures. My goal in future updates of PhotoCraft 2k is to create fully custom made assets/textures out of photos that i have taken my self for the highest quality textures. This has of course been the goal of this pack the whole time. The new version of PhotoCraft 2k will be named PhotoCraft 2k Custom edition and will contain the new photo textures. 

So what will happen to the old versions of photocraft you might ask. Well I will unfortunately stop updating them but they will still be downloadable and usable just by changing the version number in the pack.mcmeta file.


System requirements

I recommend that you have a strong pc with a loot of RAM and GPU memory to run this pack properly.