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Ozocraft Taiga Home

For a Taiga biome, this gives a good feel for the type of textures you'll find in Ozocraft Remix.

Birch Forest



Updated the tools for Netherite, kept the same tool designs from Ozocraft

Kioris Outpost

Taiga Biome


Just a desert...

Jungle Biome

Wooded Badlands

Warped Forest

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Valley can wait... you know it's too late as you're walkin on by....

Bamboo Forest


Windswept Savannah



Cute Bees

Why not Honey?

The End

I mean... it's the End. Not much to see out here.


Asked Dawn_TM for permission to continue the pack as a fork. I'm sure other versions will exist but this one is the one I work on

Underground Caverns [BSL]

Using the BSL Shader, this is an underground cavern shot

Taiga Overview

This is just a nice overview picture with BSL shader enabled. Get a sense of atmosphere

Survival Adventures

Come join us on the SurvivalAdventures.net server

Ozocraft Remix End

Emissive textures with Optifine