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2,240 Downloads Last Updated: May 11, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

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OWRP (Open World Resource Pack) is a Resource Pack that adds a unique style to the game while not alienating most blocks. This Resource Pack tries to make Minecraft feel nice, colourful, and make blocks connect a lot better while making the blocks seem smoother.


I made 2 Maps while using this Resource Pack: 





How to install:

1) Download OWRP.

2) Launch Minecraft.

3) Press Options, then Resouirce Packs, and lastly press "Open Resource Pack Folder".

4) Drag OWRP.zip into your Resource Pack folder.

5) Select it using the arrow in Minecraft, and you're done.


Please let me know if you're having trouble downloading/installing this.



Kristen Stuffs- Founder/Texture Creator

Eris: Other Founder/Texture Creator

Trissy: Beta Tester/Support


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