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NOTE: Please do not send PMs to the RusticRedemption account, instead just leave a comment or message on our discord server -HERE-



This is a fan continuation of the Ovo's Rustic pack, started back in 2011. The pack has been kept up to date since 2012 [though sporadically] by community members. The original post made by Ovocean can be found -HERE-, and the old Minecraft forums page can be found -HERE-. If you would like to contribute textures to the pack, report bugs, or just say thank you, join our discord server




This community thread and texture pack are maintained by LoardVader and Pythros.

Over 3.5 Million downloads since 2012!

Here's Ovocean's pack style in his own words:

The best description I can make of the style I was going for is by showing what's already done. But in a wordier manner, I would say It's inspired by nature, hand-made stuff and fantasy; relatively simple and round shapes with a few details; colorful yet not too saturated ; no flat color plastic looking stuff/always have a bit of natural grain


Add-On Packs

These were optional packs from the original thread that added or changed features of the pack. Most are discontinued at this point, but are still available to anyone who wants them. These packs are installed and used the same way as usual resource packs.


Shader Files

Normal-maps and speculars for use with various shader systems.

Current Version:

v1.4 for 1.18.x ~ by Schluttington


Block Models

Discontinued and merged with the main pack, for the most part.


Ovo's Classic UI

An older style UI for people who don't like the 3D UI design. No longer updated.



Ovo's Transparent UI

A Transparent UI design for people who don't like either other UI option. No longer updated.




The image vault is where all contributed textures are uploaded, to allow people to customize the pack how ever they want in the case of multiple uploaded textures for one item. It is currently unorganized and a little out of date. A link to the vault can be found on the discord server under #important-links



The changelog for the pack has since been moved to google sheets. It is actively kept up to date with current and WIP builds of the pack, as well as the shaders pack.

-View it Here!-


As well as the changelog, we have a sheet of all the missing textures for the pack.

-View it Here!-


Even though Ovocean basically gave permission for people to use his textures for people to use to continue on their own flavor, it cannot be said the same for those who have contributed to Redemption. You MUST ask permission within the Discord or you will be reported! Do not PM us for permission as it will be ignored or you will be told to post your request in Discord.


Ovo's Original Credits:

  • JohnSmith for the water and lava animations
  • Ghost2 for the HD paintings re-composition
  • Someone unknown, Misa, Sumpumpolis, XSSheep, and Ovocean for the font

    Anyone new who contributes to the pack will have their name credited in the changelog, and splashes.tnt in the pack! any contributed files will also be added under your name in the image vault.