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 This resource pack changes Minecraft from every angle! Overgrowth tries to update the textures and give them a new fresh look, but still leaving the vanilla style. You will also have cool 3D models for blocks and mobs. Very epic and unique resource pack in its own way, which significantly changes the game world (although it remains the same cool atmosphere). Replaced a lot of textures-blocks, mobs, some things with tools. In addition, the textures are drawn in a resolution of 16 x 16 pixels, Clever use of many optifine features that you wont have seen before!.


Recommended settings/For the best experience:

Graphics: Fancy
Smooth Lighting: Maximum
Clouds: off
Trees: Default
Sky: ON
Sun & Moon: ON
Fog: Fast
Cloud height: OFF
Alternate blocks: ON
Emissive Textures: ON
Better grass: OFF
Custom Font: ON
Connected Textures: Fancy
Custom Sky: ON
Custom Entity Models: ON
Random Entities: ON
Better Snow: OFF
Custom Colours: ON
Natural Textures: ON
Custom Items: ON
Custom GUIs: ON