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Overgrown Flowery GUI


Become a bit closer to living out your cottagecore dreams using this GUI overhaul!

This resource pack currently changes your crafting inventories, armor, health, food bar and more to be filled with vines and flowers. Watch flowers grow from the ground as you get exp and collect flowerpots as you gain armor!

Wanna use Overgrown Flowery GUI on Bedrock edition? Click here!

Looking to just use the hotbar? You can Download it here!

For Minecraft versions 1.19.4, 1.19.3, and below(1.9-1.19.2) use the "Additional Files."

(we will try to support these versions for the foreseeable future)


 Custom Hotbar

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As a fan of the Overgrown Flowery Interface mod for Stardew Valley I wanted to capture that feeling with a Minecraft Resource Pack, thus Overgrown Flowery GUI was born!


Now with integrations for all your favorite mods!
Such as:

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You get a premium server at a discounted price, we get a kickback that allows us to continue updating and making new content.