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New Default+ PvP Addon


Use this expansion pack with the original New Default+ resource pack for the best experience. Link:


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This is a PvP expansion/addon pack for my resource pack New Default+


New Default+ Download Button:



This expansion pack, like New Default+, is continuously being updated so make sure to FOLLOW this project so that you're notified whenever I release an update!
divider[Java Edition: 1.17+]      [Java Edition: 1.15-1.16.5]      [Java Edition: 1.9-1.12.2]      [Java Edition: 1.6.1-1.8.9]      [Bedrock Edition]


"Fullbright" (No Darkness):

Fullbright Screenshot


Emissive Outlined Ores:

[Note: Fullbright must be disabled to see these ores glow in the dark, disable it by turning off "Custom Colors" in your OptiFine settings.]

Emissive & Outlined Ores Screenshot


Shorter Tools:

Shorter Tools Screenshot


Bow & Crossbow Charging Indicator:

Bow & Crossbow Charging Indicator Screenshot


By downloading this pack, you agree to the following terms:

  • You may utilize and modify the pack to your liking~
  • You may not redistribute this pack using your own download as a base~
  • You may not redistribute individual elements of this pack in any form without direct permission from myself~
  • You may not claim ownership of any elements in this pack~

Please enjoy the pack! Report any bugs & make suggestions in the comments~ SeaOfPixels