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NBTpack Java Edition


Download NBTpack for Java


https://imgur.com/4TCKcL7.png https://imgur.com/RoawU3V.png


By playing with NBTpack, or any of its Plugins you agree to observe the rules written in TOU
If you did anything that breaks TOU now, but back then it wasn't there, then that rule break doesn't matter
If you wouldn't like to accept the rules of TOU, stop using this pack and delete it from your drive

As a player / resource pack maker / writer you're allowed to:
●Play with resource pack
●Share resource pack to other players with mention of author and link to the official download page
●Use pack as inspiration for your pack, but need to mention this pack as inspiration*
●Modify the pack for personal use if modifications don't break the rules of server if using in multiplayer
●Create fan-made plugins

As a player / resource pack maker / writer you're NOT allowed to:
●Share resource pack while claiming to be an author
●Share resource pack using download soucre other than planetminecraft or curseforge links
●Use pack content and distribute edited / your pack as your own
●Use pack content and distribute edited / your pack even if original author in mentioned
●Use pack to hide multiplayer server's rule-breaking functionalities (such as x-ray)
●Modify the pack and distribute as your own
●Modify the pack and distribute even if original author in mentioned
●Monetize the pack or earn money by using it**
●Add watermarks to any pack content***
●Using, sharing pack or acting in any way that may or to make people think pack is yours****
●Redistribute parts of the core pack as separated fan-made plugins

*Using NBTpack textures to create your own is meant as inspiration and using pack assets and almost completly identical textures is not meant as inspiration
**Except for the videos or live streams where you're just plaing with NBTpack enabled and advertisements on website with article about pack, if the article is not breaking other TOU rules
***"Pack content" is understand as every file contained in any of official NBTpack zipped files
****If people think pack is yours and it's not your fault, you just should clarify you're not the author


How to Install

1.Put the downloaded file into your resourcepacks folder in .minecraft (%appdata%/.minecraft is the location unless you're using a pirated, so called "non-premium", version of the game or you've change the path manually)
2.You're ready to play with the pack once you select it in the game.



NBTpack is a resource pack that aims to provide brand new Minecraft experience while sticking to the vanilla theme. Some of the changes are more drastic and some not, but everything is themed around clear Minecraft. If you're looking for a pack that doesn't change the feel of the game, then congratulations. You just found it! Resource pack changes and adds things such as:

  • Snowier snow
  • White grass and foliage on snowy biomes
  • Taller wheat
  • New armor
  • Lot of cool effects icons
  • Even cooler GUIs
  • Beautiful panorama
  • Update name instead of Java Edition splash
  • Connectable bookshelf
  • Diminishing tools
  • Better shield perspective
  • Better shield banners
  • Epic Bad Omen and Hero of the Village icons
  • Lots of animated stuff
  • Lots of variants for many things
  • Better prismarine colors
  • Better looking torches
  • Hopper direction and lock indicator
  • Mob beds
  • Better colored minerals
  • Many easter eggs
  • Colorfull connection status icons
  • Green scaffolding
  • Tons of new splash texts
  • And much, much more!

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