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This is an add-on for "Motschen's Better Leaves" resourcepack which adds support for mods. Better Leaves adds extra layers to leaf blocks, making them look more bushy, dense and natural.
This resourcepack adds no textures, making it compatible with almost all resourcepacks and mods out of the box (the textures adjust dynamically)

I strongly recommend installing the Cull Leaves mod alongside Sodium/Embeddium to get more FPS.


Make sure the textures packs are in the right order shown by the image below:

This resourcepack supports the following mods:
Ad Astra, Aurora's Decorations, Architect's Palette, [Let's Do] Beachparty, BetterDefaultBiomes, BetterEnd, BetterEnd (Forge), BetterNether, Bountiful Fares, Bewitchment, Biome Makeover, Biomes O' Plenty, Bloomful, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, Cobblemod, Croptopia, Colorful Azaleas, Dynamic Trees, Deeper and Darker, Druidcraft, Dungeons Mod, Environmental, Forbidden and Arcanus, Good Ending, Integrated Dynamics, Luminiferou, Uplands, Mubble, Nether's Exoticism, Nature's Spirit, End's Phantasm, Ecologics, Quark, Regions Unexplored, Sn0wfrog's Capybaras, Swamp Expansion, Tech Reborn, Terrestria, The Aether, Traverse, The Undergarden, Upgrade Aquatic, [Let's Do] Vinery, Woods and Mires

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