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Filename Morning's
Uploaded by Anhtique
Uploaded Jul 28, 2018
Game Version 1.13-Snapshot
Size 7.67 MB
Downloads 1,095
MD5 7e043f56e7ac52614b012203304c84bd
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


- Added all 17 terracotta blocks (regular versions, not the glazed)
- Added ice and packed ice
- Added regular, activator, detector, and powered rails
- Added all 32 concrete textures (powdered and solid versions)
- Added obsidian
- Added enchanting table textures
- Edited diamond block
- Toned down red sands' color
- Fixed tilling issue in sand
- Added tool degradation (tools will now appear more damaged the lower its durability is!)
- Added iron armor icons
- Edited milk bucket (still used old bucket texture)
- Edited ender pearl
- Added advancement backgrounds
- New empty armor slot icons
- Edited health and hunger meters
- Added shield
- Added spider and cave spider
- Added enchanting table book
- Added shot arrow textures
- Removed Enderdragon fireball
- Added iron armor suit
- Added 21 new splashes and removed all exclamation marks
- Fixed "{" character in font
- Updated pack.mcmeta