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A bright , RPG-styled resource pack with a vibrant and lively palette. This pack aims to bring an array of atmospheres and emotion through the use of color. Live in your own fantasy adventure and set forth to the end of everywhere.

This pack aims to be non-conflicting with build palettes, deriving its color palettes from default

Enjoy custom music, sounds, colors, lighting, CTM, and more!

  • Alternate blocks! This pack features many random variants within several blocks, most notably the ores!
  • Custom advancement names! Complete renaming of Minecraft's advancements; mainly for my entertainment!
  • Tool degradation! The lower the tool's durability is, the more damaged it appears!
  • Music? Experimental!
  • Sounds!
  • Several features require the latest version of OptiFine installed
  •   Custom lightmaps for all dimensions!
  •   All consuming cave darkness and atmospheric hues for the morning rise. To disable, simply delete the palette files in assets/minecraft/optifine/lightmaps
  •   CTM for several blocks
  •   Random mob skins


This resource pack is not guaranteed to be 100% completed in the near or far future. The current priority of this pack is low and is used as a side project when I find myself wanting to work on it. It means a lot to me, however I do wish to spend creative energy on other projects. I thank, yet ultimately apologize to those I let down; those who wished to see this completed.
If I find myself ever working on this again, I'll release whatever I complete in an update... eventually.
Thank You
~ Anhtique, 8/14/2021

Calculated as of Minecraft 1.19.3 - Pack version 0.36
November 29th, 2022



Terms of Use
  • Use this pack in any video, as long as you link back to THIS forum page.
  • Edit the textures for private use ONLY
  • Link back to this pack's download
  • Link back to this pack's download/page with a money maker link (ad.fly for example)
  • Include any edited/unaltered textures in any public pack
    (remixes, PvP, etc.)
    Use any asset or art from this pack with proper permission, credit, and discussion

These are likely to change without notice

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Special thanks to Steelfeathers
for providing us with great colors before I even understood
color theory