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Big full-support shader update this week for a ton of textures associated with crafting blocks, including: crafting tables, smithing tables, fletching tables, cartography tables, looms, stonecutters, and more! Grindstones also got a new model to make them more round (even moreso with shaders!). Maps have also been given some new map icons that are easier to read on the latest versions. Speaking of which, I've also updated the pack format to 1.20.6 which includes the new biome-based wolf variants (plus a few extras I threw in!). We're still waiting on 1.21 and non-pre support for 1.20.6 from Optifine, which is required for me to be able to edit Armadillo models.

Next week, I'll be focusing on the remodel for cows and finishing up some other utility block shaders, like the two remaining for giving villagers their occupation and some redstone-related blocks. If however 1.21 support for Optifine drops, focus will be shifted entirely to that.

Be sure to join us on Discord for all the latest info and community interaction! As a reminder, this is my main source of income. Supporting my work through Patreon and/or PayPal Donations are a good ways to help out an artist and ensure the flow of content you've come to expect over the years.


This texture pack relies on multiple advanced features provided by Optifine (REQUIRED). You will need to ensure you have the latest version installed for the version of the game you are on. This pack will always support the latest STABLE release of Optifine (preview versions are unsupported). This pack is also posted on Planet Minecraft. Be sure to give me a diamond over there to help support me.

As always, Be sure to read the installation instructions! This pack it is not designed for un-patched vanilla Minecraft! After you have read and followed the instructions, and you still have trouble with installation, check the F.A.Q. If you still have issues, please post them on the thread or go to my Discord server. Do not PM me with tech support issues regarding getting the texture pack to work.


  • Emphasis on Realism Without Going Too Photographic - Materials are designed to make sense and resemble the components they're crafted from. Art style is semi-realistic, inspired by old-school RPG's and boomer shooters with a medieval-lite setting.
  • Reduced Eyestrain - Colors are a bit darker and more desaturated (or muted) than vanilla to allow for longer playtime without being harsh on the eyes.
  • Mostly Faithful to Vanilla Intent - No strong theme that alters textures so drastically that you're guessing what's what. Builds made in this pack will work well with those playing with vanilla textures but allow for more creative detail with the pack.
  • Advanced Texture Features for Improved Variety - Supports shader maps, connected textures, random mobs, custom models, and much more. This greatly improves creative options while making exploration more interesting and diverse.
  • Easter Eggs - With the increased diversity of blocks and mobs, expect to discover rare little references and surprises on occasion.
  • User-Supported, But Always Free - This is a passion project going as far back as 2009, and as such is something I wish to always share freely. This work is also made entirely possible by support from users like you. If you enjoy it please consider supporting it on Patreon, or even just spreading the word to friends and peers, every bit helps!

Supporting this Work

 My work is free to all and I'm happy to keep it that way. However, updates to this texture pack are only made possible by support from people like you. Like many hit by the pandemic, I'm stuck at home and unemployed. I would be greatly relieved to be able to make a living wage by continuing to produce this content. If you're able and willing to pitch in, please consider subscribing on Patreon or donating through PayPal.


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Installing the Texture Pack

1. Save my pack's zip file to the resourcepacks folder in your Minecraft directory. (Do not extract!)
2. Click here to download the latest version of Optifine. (Very important!)
3. Run Optifine's installer on the appropriate installed version of Minecraft.
4. Run Minecraft and go to Options > Resource Packs to select my pack.

Installing the Texture Pack Configuring and Optimizing the Shaders Correctly

2. Save the BSL shaders into the shaderpacks folder in your Minecraft directory. (Do not extract!)
3. Download the latest version of my BSL shader config from the #releases section of my Discord.
4. Save the config (text file) into your shaderpacks folder.
5. Run Minecraft and go to Options > Video Settings > Shaders to select BSL.