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Ladies and Gentlemen, Space Pirates and Chozo Sages, we present to you:


The only serious Metroid Resourcepack!
Close to nothing goes Unskinned!
Active Devs mean updates are never far away!

OFFICIAL TOPIC: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/139621-minetroid-17416x100update-r15-2013-12-24/

Encounter Ender Ridley, Chozo Artifacts, the Ing, Dark temple Keys and more!

Get help from Bryyonian Golems, Chozo Villagers, Tatori, Dachoras and Etecoons!

Watch out for Space Pirates, Metroids and other hostile wildlife!

Use Beam Weapons, Galactic Federation equipment, Luminoth technology, Space Pirate machinery and Skytown gadgets to survive!

Awsome alternate art kindly donated by 23 DeviantArt artists!

Gear up with custom Skins, Armour and an awsome pumpkin HUD overlay!

Even the Mojang Logo has been Metroidified!

Separate Bonus download contains all the extra Skins, Paintings and previous textures!
Extensive Matmos Pack for some in-game Metroid for your ears!