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Barely Default Statistics

Years of Barely Default development: 6 🎂

Years of experience creating resource packs: 13 👴

Number of files created for Barely Default: 14,000 📁

Number of lifetime Patrons: 0 💰

Downloads: 340k 📥

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 ☝️ I added 200.000.000 random zombies to Minecraft!

Mickey Joe's "Barely Default" is a pack made out of love for Minecraft, and wanting it to be better. I aim to add immersion to your game, and to build upon the default artstyle.
The pack adds many details to your game, from big to small, all while respecting the vanilla Minecraft look and feel of the game - simply better.

Through the years that Minecraft has been in development, the artstyle has changed a lot. It's gotten better and more detailed, but Mojang often doesn't go back to make the older stuff look as good as their new standards. I've addressed that - among other things - with Barely Default.

From tool retextures to mob remodels, anything that's mediocre in Minecraft gets touched up by me until it's on par with the most beautiful parts of the game.

I even take some creative liberties to make my pack stand out from your run-of-the-mill default edit.

 Join my Discord if you're a fan! Just be chill lmao

Rename your gear for a custom look!

Go and enjoy my pack, and tell your friends about it! With all the renamable variants I've added in my pack, Barely Default is perfect for any SMP!

Or don't. I can't tell you what to do.

Custom Elytra!

Custom Armour!


📚 For a comprehensive visual guide to all the renamables my Barely Default adds to your game; check out this document.


Get this custom-made addon that will merge Barely Default with FreshLX's Fresh Animations ♥

Some more cool features I showed off myself! 👇

👉 if you're a nerd and prefer to read, here's a very comprehensible (and equally fun) changelog I've kept over the past few years.


Stridey - 3D Trident

Sully - Lit lightning rod texture

Toxteer - Animations

Ewan Howell - Saving the day

NinjaFrito - "Shogan" style armour textures


Previous changelogs:

Ewan Howell - YouTube