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Introducing the MCOLD Java Texture Pack, a unique pack that transforms the Minecraft GUI to give the game an "old" look. 





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This time, we're aiming for a vintage, weathered aesthetic, featuring broken bars and icons covered with grass and moss.

With this pack, you'll experience a completely new GUI overlay, a redesigned start screen, and updated buttons, all contributing to an aged, rustic feel. Dive into this nostalgic atmosphere and see the transformation for yourself.

You can use this pack in the standard Vanilla version and with Fabric.
Have fun with the MCOLD texture pack, and remember to support

New! with this pack:
- This Java Minecraft texture pack is now also available for Fabric.
- The pack is playable with Fabric Loader versions 0.15.11 - 1.21.

- start screen
- options
- buttons
- hotbar



Note: If you encounter any issues, make sure that the texture pack is compatible with your version of Minecraft, and that you have followed all of the steps correctly.

▪️ Install as Fabric

The latest Fabric Launcher is required for the Minecraft Fabric mod

▪️ Update your Java. At least Java 21

Update JAVA

▪️ Install as Vanilla

    • Open Minecraft: Launch Minecraft and click on the "Options" button.
    • Go to the "Resource Packs" section: In the options menu, select "Resource Packs" to open the resource packs screen.
    • Move the texture pack to the correct location: Locate the folder where your Minecraft resource packs are stored. The default location is usually in the "resourcepacks" folder under your Minecraft game directory. Move the downloaded .zip file to this folder.
    • Select the texture pack in Minecraft: Back in the resource packs screen, select the texture pack that you just moved to the resource packs folder. The texture pack should now be listed in the "Selected Resource Packs" section.
    • Apply the changes: Click on the "Done" button to apply the changes and enable the texture pack.
    • Enjoy the new texture pack: Start a new game or load a saved game, and the new texture pack should now be in effect.

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