IMPORTANT : The pack requires PTGI HRR shader or similar shaders to be pre-installed to make it look similar to the pictures

More info and download at the Official Luna HD Website

The Luna HD Resource Pack enhances Minecraft's visuals with detailed textures, better lighting, and 3D models, aiming for a modern look without changing gameplay. It offers various resolutions, starting from 64x, suitable for different system capabilities. The 64x version is free, while higher resolutions are available with a Patreon subscription. This pack supports several Minecraft versions. For downloads and more information, refer to the official website.


To Download the 1024x, 512x, 256x and 128x pack

Luna HD Patreon

Luna HD 1.19 update

Luna HD Crafting Table

 Luna HD crafting table detailed

 - Do not distribute the pack or textures and/or claim them as your own.
- Feel free to use in-game (loading the pack through the Minecraft client), remix and/or edit the textures for your own personal use. However, you may not distribute the modified/remixed textures without my consent.
- Do not re-upload the pack elsewhere. I urge everyone to link to here, this is to protect the packs integrity and to centralize comments/critique that may help me improve the pack.
- Feel free to take screenshots/video recordings in/from Minecraft while using this pack and/or the contents/assets therein (loading the pack or parts of it through the Minecraft client) and to distribute such content with or without commercial purposes (crediting is not necessary). 
- You are allowed to distribute the resourcepack within your Minecraft servers community* if you are the owner or acting on behalf of the owner of said server. This only applies to the server resourcepack prompt (serverside resourcepack) and does not include hosting this resourcepack on a server forum/website.
* Anyone who has ever connected to your server