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For best results place this add-on above Lithos: Core in the Minecraft resource pack selector.


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Goals of the Lithos: Luminous Add-on:

Obviousness, Consistency, Beauty

This add-on is is less concerned about being Faithful, and more concerned with looking good. Still it is "mostly faithful."

Lithos: Luminous works without MCPatcher/Optifine, but many of it's features will look much better with one of these.


  • No redistribution. For personal use only, with the following exceptions:
  • Using Lithos in screenshots and videos (including monetized) is allowed and encouraged, as long as you credit Lithos and link back to this thread.
  • Derivative use is allowed under some circumstances for making Lithos-style textures for mods. For more details see
  • These usage rules apply to using part of Lithos as much as the entire pack.
  • Everything © 2013 by J. W. Bjerk. All rights reserved