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NOTE: This is not a stand-alone pack. Stack this pack above the pack of your choice to combine them.


This is an add-on pack to make your world look a bit more festive for the Holidays. It meshes best with Lithos, but can be combined with any pack.


Go here for Lithos, and other packs by eleazzaar


Red Sandstone to Gingerbread
Rough is burnt Gingerbread
Cut is lighter Gingerbread
Smooth and Chiseled are decorated with icing
Double Slabs are also decorated with Icing
All sorts of Nether Brick to Blue Ice Bricks
End Stone bricks to white Frosting
Crimson and Warped Wood is vibrant red or green
Quartz a cooler white
Colored Sweaters on tame Cats and Dogs
Shulker boxes wrapped in ribbon
Redstone looks like ribbon
Squid is red
End Rods look like icicles
Brown wool matches Gingerbread colors
Wreaths for every Door
Chests are wrapped like presents, with an extra-special version on Christmas Eve and Christmas
Animated Christmas lights on Spruce Leaves and potted Spruce Sapling
Roses/Poppies turned to Poinsettias
Rain is replaced with Snowfall
All Wool is enhanced with Vintage patterns
Snow on all Tree Leaves
A Dusting of Snow on Grass, Mycellium, Endstone and Podzol
Leather Helmet turned to Santa hat
Double-tall Fern becomes small Decorated Pine Tree
Chorus Plant is Candy-Cane striped
Browned all plants
Cake to Fruitcake
Winter colored water
Pumpkin might be carved with a Star
Bed and Enchanting Table Cloth replaced with red and green plaid.
Redstone lamp has animated Star pattern
Soul Sand smiles
Red & Green Force Field
Frosty Title-Screen and Background
Festive GUI background