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unofficial mod support textures

#6 By  momoe1

Created Jul 25, 2019 Updated Jul 25, 2019

Assigned to  1lots

I think there should be a folder, perhaps even a zipped folder that contains grayed out versions of blocks, ores, tools, weapons, armor, and items. People then wanting to do unofficial support for mods they like can color in those textures and add them into their personal copies of the pack for when they want to use this pack and play modded minecraft.


As for what would need to be grayed out: one ore texture, the coal ore texture, one axe/pickaxe/shovel/hoe, one of the wood set (full block, slab, stairs, one of the fence), one of the swords, a ingot, the redstone stuff, one of the leaf textures, the sand texture.


I would suggest that perhaps the 1.12.2 textures get this done first since 1.12.2 has the most mods out there.



momoe1   added a tag
  Jul 25, 2019

1LotS  self-assigned this issue    Jul 25, 2019

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