Jaden's Nether Expansions | Version 1.0.0 (Optifine Required)

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Filename Jaden's Nether Expansion v1.0.0.zip
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Uploaded Jun 17, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
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Jaden's Nether Expansions Version  1.0.0 - Full Release!


-Added Crimson Raspberries and it's bush variants
-Added Raspberry Dye a maroonish red pink dye, also added raspberry dye based blocks
-Added Raspeberry Pie, Food or Computer... you decide!
-Added Soul Currants, Spooky Fruit
-Added Shadow Vines, with full customization of size
-Added Shadow Dye a dark gray brown dye, also added shadow dye based blocks
-Changed Soul Lamps' pallete to resemble that of Shadow dye
-Added all Shroomlight variants for pizzas
-Added Basalt Stalagtites and Stalagmites, with full customization of size
-Changed the name of Phased fire to be Sulfate Fire
-Added missing Sulfate Fire Items and Blocks
-Added Shadow Wood a dark gray brown wood
-Added Rooted Soul Soil, with bits of shadow wood in it
-Added Warped Warts similar to Nether warts but hanging down
-Added Placeable Pizzas for Decoration
-Added Crying Corals which also come in block and dead variants
-Added Phosphor Magma Fungus
-Changed The Soul Sac Model and Texture
-Changed Soul Soil Pebbles Spawning to be less common
-Added Basalt Slabs, put on top of any slab to make it basalt
-Added Golden Chains and Lanterns
-Added Netherite Chains and Lanterns
-Added Enraged Soul Fire and it's other item and furnace variatants
-Changed the Purple Palette in the warped to not be as saturated as before
-Changed Blackstone Nyliums to use Double slabs instead of a full block
-Added Obsolete Nether Bricks and other related variants
-Added Netherite Building Blocks, weird flex but still cool
-Added Wrought Netherite, netherite buildings blocks for non rich people
-Changed Ash to be called White ash instead to refelct the basalt delta particle name
-Added Golden Building Blocks
-Added Rose Gold for Building Blocks Tools and Gear, a stronger variant of gold
-Added Universal Variants for Biome Exlusive blocks so you can get them anywhere
-Added Bulbcac a huge vine like cactus which grows in the nether
-Changed Soul Soil Layers to use Numbers instead for each layer stage (example: "Soul Layer Two")
-Added All 7 Height levels for White ash and Basalt Dust
-Added Basalt Dust and Dust Stone, a nether counterpart to Sand and Sandstone
-Changed the name for default white ash to be Overhanging White Ash
-Added Brimstone and it's related building blocks, serves as the deepslate of the nether
-Changed The Soulslate Textures to be a lot darker and more detailed
-Changed the Soulslate Combination to use Brown Terracotta instead of Soul Soil
-Added Brimstone and Soulslate ores, including the overworld variants
-Added Tall and Hanging Crimson/Warped Roots
-Added 1.17+ ore textures so the nether ores don't look out of place
-Changed the Petrified Oak Slab texture to be Transparent to be used as a barrier block alternative in survival


-Added Wildfires a variant of Blazes which spawn in 50% of the time instead of blazes
-Added Wildfire Variants for Fire related Biomes
-Added Wither Skeleton Variants for the Forest Biomes
-Added Biome Zombie Pigmen Variants
-Added Enraged Wither Skeleton, has a very rare chance to spawn in Soul sand valleys
-Added Phosphor Stingers, bat like mobs which spawn in the new obsolete biome
-Added Ghoulwings, phantom based mob native to the nether which feasts on fear
-Added Enderman Variants for Warped Biomes and a default red eyed one for other nether biomes

DATAPACK EXLUSIVE FEATURES - (Click to Download Datapack)

-Added Illuminant Warped Forest, a very rare blue luminant variant of the warped forest
-Added Extreme Warped and Crimson Forests, Sub-biomes of each forest with more extreme generation
-Added The Obsolete a Dark and Phosphorus based biome found inbetween crimson forests and soul sand valleys
-Added The Scarlet Gorge, a crystal based barrens biome which can found near by basalt deltas
-Added Brimstone Generation, can be found below or near lava oceans in nether wastes
-Added Soul Slate Generation, similar to brimstone generates below lava oceans or in blobs around soul sand valleys
-Added Naturally generating Nether Coal Ore, can be found at brimstone level
-Added Naturally generating Nether Iron Ore, can be found at soul slate level or in soul slate blobs
-Added Craftable Petrified Oak Slabs, so it's possible to get an invisible block in survival


-Soul Blazes, They are back and are now better then ever
-Legacy Basalt Tiles, the old basalt tiles from pre-1 are back as their own blocks
-Legacy Soul Lamp with pre-2 texture
-Legacy Black ash with pre-2 textures
-Legacy Golden Tools with pre-2 textures
-Legacy Soul Slate with Pre-2 Textures


-Removed the default White glowstone, Still obtainable using white concrete
-Removed Retextured Golden Textures and is reverted back to the Vanilla Textures
-Removed Reinforced Golden Gear, Rose Gold replaces it
-Removed Glowcheese Pizza
-Removed Black Ash, didn't fit my vision for the nether
-Removed the Blaze Redesign, The design has been reverted back to vanilla


-Fixed The Placement of Soul Hives
-Fixed Soul Candles not working
-Fixed the quater pixel gab in Hanging Warts and Pot of Gold... again
-Properly added Basalt Soul Soil, I somehow forgot to add it in pre-2
-Fixed the spelling mistakes for Soul Candles, apparently my grammar is bad