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DISCLAIMER: Jaden's Nether Expansion is being made into a Mod for Both Fabric and Forge on 1.20+

What you see here on this page is the Old Datapack version which is no longer being worked on I'm instead focusing more on the Mod Recreation of it which is a full reimagining of Nether Expansion being made into a Vanilla+ Style mod with a higher focus on Quality, Gameplay, Mechanics and complete overhaul of the Entire Nether!


the scope of the New 1.20 Mod is very large and might take some time to release because I want the mod to be in a perfect state on release. And I hope the wait will be worth it!

If you'd like to see the progress on the New 1.20 Mod check out my Discord Server 

 I post Regular Updates regarding the status and progress of the mod version in my server




This Resource Pack aims to Improve Vanilla Minecraft's Nether using various Optifine's Features such as Connected Textures, Custom Item Textures, Custom Mob Textures an Optional Datapack and many more

And the best part is that it does it all WITHOUT Replacing Anything in vanilla minecraft!


Trouble Shooting Common Problems

This pack Requires Optifine to work Properly so if you think some features don't work make sure you have it properly installed first

If you see that the Datapack Custom Biome's Textures aren't loading in then make sure to press F3 + T this is a optifine bug but it can be fixed by reloading the pack this way


Pack's Features List

If you are looking for a Detailed Wiki on all the Pack's Features then Check out the Discord Server! we have a complete list of every feature in there
And you can get Sneak Peeks into the Pack's Future Updates early!




If you enjoyed the Pack then Consider Following since i make Many more Cool Packs such as this one and it Really Helps keep me motivated to make these!


Pack Credits (click on spoiler to show)

These People and their Projects helped make Nether Expansions Possible be sure to check them out!


Minecraft Dungeons - Many Ideas were Ported from MCDungeons
Icedmi - For Redesigning the Old Soul Slate
Sydney - For Suggesting the Name for Soul Slate
fooff's Pack Shields+ - For showing me you can do CIT for Shields
Stefan's Pack Better Vanilla Building - For showing you how to Add Custom Blocks without Replacing Anything Else
Nebby - For Suggesting the name for The Scorched
Tamakii - For helping to make Screaming Basalt, The Obsolete, naturally generating Basalt Spikes and many Fungus based blocks
kekman - Helped get the Dungeons textures so it's easier for me to recreate them

Nayru - also Helped get the Textures for Dungeons
Krillo - Made the Scarlet Gorge assets and came up with the biome's idea
TearsOFLov - Made the Hanging Crimson and Warped Roots
Slice - Came up with the Soul Forests Idea and made all of it's textures, also helped make the colormap for Lava
Nekomaster - Came up with the original idea of the Trampler
Minecraft Earth - Some ideas were also ported from Minecraft Earth




What you can and Cannot do with the Pack (click on spoiler to show)

Don't re-upload this pack on any other websites

Don't Take Assets such as Textures, Models or Worldgen Code without asking for permission first!

If you want to use this pack for a server please Don't set it as a Server Resource Pack! but instead manually download it from this page





Disclaimer:  Any purchases made from the link above will give me some commission from it with no additional cost to you!