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17/04/2021: This pack is officially discontinued. It's been fun working on it, but the last couple years have been pretty hectic, and I just don't really have the energy or motivation to work on it anymore. The pack downloads will stay up, and I've updated the license if anyone wants to use the textures in their mods, or wants to continue the pack themselves. Thanks for sticking around! 


PMC User Betaklerik has posted a continuation of the pack!



Welcome to ItemBound! A Minecraft resource pack that allows you to customize the appearance of your items by changing their display names and/or enchantments. The pack has hundreds of item skins, with plans to grow over time.

Current item count: 1681


 Got a question/problem/suggestion? Read the FAQ.

This pack requires OptiFine 1.11.2 HD U C2(or higher) in order to work, as it relies on the mod's CIT features for the items to change texture.


DOWNLOAD ItemBound 1.12 Loot Tables 



Video showcases by youtubers!






This is a pack that I first thought of when I discovered MCpatcher back in summer of 2014. The goal was to try and come up with a resource pack that could provide a wide variety of item camos to the player, and for it to be usable almost anywhere, be it singleplayer survival or any minecraft server, all while being as non-intrusive to vanilla gameplay as possible.



For an easier time using the 1.13+ crafting guide, download a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader that supports bookmarks. 

Download this .pdf



This resource pack also contains custom loot and mob drops, which can be implemented into your world through the use of the provided optional custom loot tables. Some highlights among regular mob drops include creeper hides, a plant-based alternative to leather, undead bacon drops from zombie pigmen, and rare cursed diamonds that drop from burning witch mobs.


On top of this, the fishing system has been rebalanced to include several species of exotic fish and marine life. Next time you’re playing, take a little time for a fishing trip. Some of the rarer species of fish may cause a variety of interesting effects to the player.

(It should be noted that although drops can be crafted on anvils, these custom effects are achieved only by attributes set through the loot table, or by using commands.)

DOWNLOAD ItemBound 1.12 Loot Tables 

This pack is fully usable alongside any resource pack that uses item models that are automatically generated from textures. Items that use custom block models will not be compatible with the pack. It also must be placed at the top of the active resource pack list for best effects.

Optifine is required in order to view the textures properly.


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


Q: When is the next update?
A: ┐(゚~゚)┌


Q: Do I really need Optifine?
A: Yes. This pack will not work without it.


Q: I don't want to download Optifine because it will give me a virus!
A: Optifine will not give you a virus. It is not malicious. Unfortunately the download links for it display ads that can sometimes be malicious. Do not click on the ads. Wait for the timer end and then click "Skip ad." Alternatively, just use the mirror link to get a direct download and skip the ads entirely.


Q: Can you make a version without Optifine/for Pocket Edition/Win10/Console?
A: No, this is currently impossible.


Q: Can you make this into a mod?

A: No. I have no experience creating mods, and the point of this pack is to add custom cosmetics while keeping your world vanilla. Making it a mod would defeat the purpose.


Q: Can you make custom crafting recipes?

A: I'd have to say no. It'd be too much work because of the sheer volume of crafting recipes I'd have to make, and the potential for exploits. I do have plans for other custom crafting packs though.


Q: Can you make item frames invisible?

A: I'd rather not. The point of this resource pack is to not be intrusive to regular gameplay. Making item frames invisible would affect some builds. I also can't make item frames selectively invisible as there isn't any support for that and they can't be renamed.


Q: How do I install the loot tables?
A: There's installation instructions in the zip file. Basically, open up the zip file, and copy the loot_tables folder into the data folder of your minecraft save.

Q: How do I install Itembound?

A: You copy it into your resource packs folder.

Q: The resource pack isn't working for me!
A: Provided you've installed Optifine, go to Options > Video Settings > Quality and check to see if Custom Item Textures is turned on. Also remember that you actually have to rename the items according to the crafting guides in order to see the different textures. I can't help with much else beyond that. If the pack is set up properly and none of the textures are working, it may be an issue with Optifine on your computer.


Q: Banner shields are broken!
A: Unfortunately the shield model that works with custom item textures breaks banner shields. If you want banner shields, you'll need to download the version without shields.

Q: I have an idea for a new item! Can you add it to the pack?

A: I'll do my best. Not all items can be modified like this though! Currently I can't make custom boats, saddles, horse armor, llama decorations, projectiles(arrows, snowballs, eggs, splash potions, etc), clocks, compasses, music discs, maps, leads, or *most blocks. I also want to avoid adding several items from popular IPs (shows, anime, games, etc). I'm not familiar with every series out there and it might get a little hectic having to research a bunch of different shows just to add one or two items.


*Newer versions of optifine do support custom block textures for Beacons, Enchanting Tables, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Brewing Stands, Chests, and Shulker Boxes. That's it though. Custom blocks don't work in multiplayer.


Q: Why haven't you added my suggestion yet? Did you forget?

A: I've got my own release schedule and I also get quite a few suggestions. I'll get around to it, but please be patient.


Q: Do you have a version for 1.10/1.9 etc...

A: Right now, ItemBound is technically compatible down to 1.9, however because of some changes in how models are displayed in item frames, stuff like furniture won't display properly in versions under 1.11.


Q: Can you give me access to the crafting docs?
A: No. I'm not sure why you would need it in the first place. If you're looking to post suggestions, just send me a PM or post it here.


Q: Is there a map I can download to preview everything?

A: Not currently. I've tried to make one but it's hard to come up with a format that makes it easily expandable, and the amount of entities on a map like that would cause a lot of lag anyways. Previews of all the items are in the crafting guides though.