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Inconsistency is an addon for Consistency, and works best when used alongside it.

Items like rails and ladders are placeable blocks that can be interacted with, yet are simply sprites layered on whatever block they're attached to. This resource pack changes their models to be 3D, better matching other blocks.

Compatible Resource Packs


Consistency is an optional dependency, enabling the item model for lanterns. Place it above Consistency in the resource pack screen to use this feature.

Miscellaneous Information

  • 1.17 Snapshots: 1.17 will be supported upon the full release. I won't support snapshots due to potential changes.
  • Earlier versions?: There are no plans to support versions prior to 1.14. My 1.12 version can be found here, but it is no longer maintained.
  • Why is this separate from Consistency?: Unlike Consistency, these are unique models that can't adapt to other resource packs.
  • Bedrock port?: Currently impossible, due to being unable to change item/block models.
  • Do I need Optifine?: Nope!
  • Mod support?: Resource packs for Forge and Fabric support will release in the future.
  • Modpack usage: I encourage you to use this in your modpack! You need to link back to this page or the Github repository in some fashion.