Note Feb-21-2020: unfortunately all 3d models permanently changed for paralax textures (not 3d models :/)
reason: minecraft java edition does not support 3d models massively!
how to make it work as in the images:
1 - Install Opitfine.jar (the shaders receiver) link https://optifine.net/home 
2 - Download shader.zip (the shader file) link https://sildurs-shaders.github.io
3 - In your game locate shaders folder (Options > Video settings > Shaders... > Shaders Folder)
4 - the system to go open your shaders folder, so place shader.zip file in this folder
5 - Go back to game and select shader.zip in shader list

Hi! My name is Fernando M.S. or FiMiS. The original project 128x was started in mid-2013 and was abandoned due to personal issues, at time involving equipment shortages and RAW file loss, so I am re-texturizing all blocks 256x and using the latest Minecraft design

The Hollywood Blocks are focused to maintain the maximum default design exposing only subtle details in high definition. My inspiration came 10 years ago when I noticed this Texture Pack by Jeanki on PlanetMinecraft.com. it looked innovative so I decided to do my own texture pack version. Yep, this texture pack from 10 years ago was my inspiration and as you can see even the 128x resolution was similar. All techniques used to produce my version are gray scale variant color overlays, this procedure was inspired by primitive texturing schemes observed in classic games such as Quake 1996.
  • This resource pack are photo-realistic?

Nope, hollywood blocks should avoid as much photographic image compositing techniques, image blurry, pixel noise, filters and drastic color changes.

  • I am making others resolutions?

I intend to keep the package in just one resolution. Currently Minecraft texture folder contains more than 600 files (to blocks only) and those numbers rise with each update so will have a lot of work to scale multiple package.

  • This have Corporyght?

This is a recreation of the mojang design but I have spent a lot of time and effort to reproduce this. You are free to download install and share this resource pack but be sure to quote me and recommend my download link https://curseforge.com/hollywood-blocks-fimis Pls! Thx! ♥

Hollywood Blocks - Team:

https://www.deviantart.com/fimis-hbpack FiMiS Design

https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/fimis/ FiMiS Design

https://twitter.com/FiMiS9 FiMiS Design

https://twitter.com/XDeFlower SchrodingerBlume China Maker

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