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!!OPTIFINE IS RECOMMENDED!! This pack will work just fine in vanilla, but some of the custom features will not be available without having Optifine installed.




Wanted to make a proper note about this. I've been busy IRL with my job and also working on a lot of texture/model commissions for Empires SMP, so I haven't had a lot of time/energy to work on updating my packs. Rest assured they haven't been abandoned, but it's going to take me a bit to get everything up to date. Sorry about the delay. :(



Haven is a resource pack that I started working on in the early summer of 2017. It's original goal was to be a pixel art replacement for default Minecraft, but at the time of release, the devs announced they hired a pixel artist to do the very same thing.


In the end I decided to take the pack in its own direction, leaning into a more Stardew Valley-esque art style, with the same color richness from games like Stardew Valley and Hytale.


This pack is still a work in progress, but is currently around 50-60% complete! With future plans for mod support, datapack support, and eventual addon support for Bedrock Edition. 


All textures are subject to change at any time.