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 Hardcore Museum Datapack


This datapack facilitates the scoring and enforces some of the rules for TroyBoy777's Hardcore Museum Challenge, Season 5!

Support singleplayer, multiplayer servers, and realms!


Come join the fun! Check out the official rules and challenge overview on the KidAwesomeTwo channel: Official Season 5 Rules Video

(see rules below)


To Install: 

Simply add this .zip file to any world save folder, datapacks subfolder, and reload the world.


This datapack has two options;

1) you can spawn in TroyBoy777's museum and interact with the Curator, who will display the items you turn in...  use wooden planks in a crafting table, in an H pattern to spawn 

Or, 2) you can summon only the Curator and build your own museum! ... use wooden planks in a crafting table, in a C pattern to spawn


Option 1 - Prebuilt Museum


Option 2 - Curator only


HCM Season 5 Rules:

0) Create your world in HARDCORE mode - you can use any seed/settings you like!

1) No taking items from Minecraft generated chests and gardens (ie dungeons, villages, temples, etc.) - this is enforced by the datapack, chests will be generated empty

2) No trading with villagers or other Minecraft entities - villager trades will be disabled by the datapack

3) You cannot spend the night in a building that was generated by the game - this should be self-enforced by players

4) No sleeping in beds* - this is enforced by the datapack

* New Rule: To avoid phantoms, you can turn them off as an option when you create the new world or if you use the pre-built museum there is a button inside.  Else, you are allowed to sleep every 3 days.


Items to collect, and Scoring

MUSEUM EXHIBITS (5 points each for a total of 100):

1 - Hay Bale

2 - Gold (full block)

3 - Bookshelf

4 - TNT

5 - Dripstone Block

6 - Honey Block

7 - Beehive

8 - Cake

9 - Enchanting Table

10 - Cactus

11 - Jack-o-Lantern

12 - Amethyst Block

13 - Calcite Block

14 - Diamond (full block)

15 - Glowstone

16 - Warped Stem

17 - Crimson Stem

18 - Shroomlight

19 - Iron Golem - the Curator accepts 4x iron blocks and 1x pumpkin, you won't craft the golem yourself

20 - Axolotl

BONUS 7 LUCKY ITEMS (Collect any 4 of the 7 to score 50 bonus points):

1 - Turtle Shell

2 - Glow Ink Sac

3 - Ghast Tear

4 - Sea Pickle

5 - Emerald

6 - Ender Pearl

7 - Slimeball

SPECIAL BONUS BLOCK (50 bonus points):

1 - Crying Obsidian