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15,212 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.14


📜Description 說明

Metroize the GUI of Minecraft Java Vanilla and look more comfortable.
把Minecraft Java香草的介面扁平化使看起來更舒服。

  • Metroize buttons and icons
  • Fix asymmetry GUI
  • Remove GUI shaders
  • Lightweight loading memory

Branch 分支

  Java 1.9 Java 1.10 Java 1.11 Java 1.12 Java 1.13 Java 1.14
4-2.X.X       2.0.10+

Remark 備註

  • No any backport to Java 1.8.9 or lower. if you need a similar resource pack, visit Flat GUI
    沒有任何向Java 1.8.9或更低版本的反向移植。如果你需要類似的資源包,請瀏覽Flat GUI

Announcement: Do not redistribute the project file

According to the report of our website assets monitoring tool, some of the websites are redistributing our project file (i.e.: rehost the project file) without any permission (excluding project which under license that listed redistributable). Redistribute the project file without permission or when license prohibited, that can have the following action and/or affect:

  • Reduce project update frequency/priority: Our project update frequency/priority is depend on the download count, popularity, issues, and feedbacks; redistribute project file can let us cannot statistic and miscalculate, and can make the project close/deprecate for the worst case
  • Copyright appeal: Under the law, we can do the copyright appeal for our project; when legal procedure is executed, we will not accept any reconciliation andonly wait the adjudication

We clearly knew some of the people are wanted to promote our project by translating the project description at their own website, but should always redirect the download link to the official one to let us know the popularity of the project.


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