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Mobs Refreshed + Fresh Animations Minecraft Texture Pack
Good Golems Minecraft Texture Pack
Good Golems Minecraft Texture Pack
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Good Golems Minecraft Texture Pack

This Resource packs bridges the gap between the Redesigned mobs of Good Golems and the Expressive and Smooth animations of Fresh Animations. To enjoy the pack to its fullest you must set your resource pack folder in this order.

Good Golems Minecraft Texture Pack

Good Golems by: Lukidon
Fresh Animations by: FreshLX


For this pack to function, Optifine is required. If this pack is loaded without Optifine, none of its features will work.

Also check out a great alternative to Optifine that works with all of my packs, Entity Model Features!

Download Optifine here.

How to use this pack:

1. Install Optifine for a compatible version.
2. Download Good Golems+FA.
3. Enable it in the Resource Pack Settings, make sure it is at the top of the list!
4. Load Minecraft and enable the pack in the resource pack tab.
And enjoy!

Suggestions, recommendations, and criticism is always welcomed in the comments, help me make this Resource pack the best it can be!

Good Golems Minecraft Texture Pack