Texture Packs
598 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot

          GhanouCraft3D is a resource pack that uses the new Minecraft textures, and changes the models to a 3D looking. This Resource Pack includes variations, transitions, textures that depend on biomes... And much more !



MrCrayfish's Model Creator -> Used for modelling

RPW ( Resource Pack Workbench ) -> Only used to create the workspace

GhanouCraftYT ( Modeller )

New Minecraft Textures ( Minecraft's Texture Update )

     - Change the name of the Resource Pack, editing credits then re-uploading it ! ( This is called STEALING )

     - Pretend this work as yours !

     - Take my models and re-use them in another project !

     - Use the Resource Pack in any Mod Pack ( If you don't gain money, and you must credit me at least )



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