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Fresh Textures - is a unique resource pack designed to refresh and enhance your vanilla Minecraft experience. Our mission and main idea are to rethink and breathe new life into Minecraft's textures, filling them with fresh inspiration and vibrant colors. Additionally, the resource pack offers extensive mod support, making it even more versatile and appealing to all players.

This resource pack utilizes the Optifine feature called "Custom Entity Models" (CEM) to introduce new models and animations. Without this feature, it will not function correctly! Alternatively, you can enable CEM functionalities using a combination of the Entity Model Features and Entity Texture Features mods.

Additionally, the resource pack employs the Optifine feature called "Custom Item Textures" (CIT), which allows item textures to change based on their properties. To use this feature, you can opt for Optifine or the "CIT Resewn" mod (for Fabric) and "Forge CIT" mod (for Forge). However, using this feature is not mandatory.

Resourcespacks that were used to create "FreshTextures":

  1. Armorstands Reimagined - i used a 3D model of the armorstand
  2. Torches Reimagined - used a 3d model of the torches and modified them a bit afterwards
  3. Chests Reimagined - used the chest and the trap chest.
  4. Translations for Sodium
  5. Eating Animations+
  6. Extended lantern
  7. Stay True
  9. Detail Brush - one of the brilliant best vanilla textures from the creator of Farmer's Delight
  10. (Brewin' and Chewin') 3D Tankards
  11. Refined Enchants
  12. Cubic Sun & Moon