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Fresh Textures — is a resource pack aimed at updating and enhancing the experience of vanilla Minecraft. Our goal and idea are to reinterpret Minecraft textures, giving them a fresh inspiration. To achieve this, we have compiled the best resource packs in one place!

The resourcepack uses custom entity models, so without Optifine or Entity Model Features the resourcepack will not work correctly!

Answers to frequently asked questions are provided here.

Q: What resourcepacks were used to create 'Fresh textures'?
A: HIDYK's REALM, Stay True, Translations for Sodium, Eating Animations+, Extended lantern, (Brewin' and Chewin') 3D Tankards, Banner Pattern Clarity, Corrected Mob Heads, Detail Brush, No More Iron Bars Z-Fighting, Torches Reimagined, Embellished Stone, Visual Traveler's Titles, Cubic Sun & Moon v1.7 and others

Q: My overlays don't work
A:  Optifine or Continuity (fabric) / Connectedness (forge) must be set to use overlays

Q: I see snow/moss gaps on foliage with shaders how do I fix that?

A: Disable "Waving foliage" and "Waving leaves" in the shader settings
Complementary shaders: materials > waving textures.


Fresh Textures🧡