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1.17 fix update

Due a few 1.17 Optifine bug fixes, Fresh Animations' part system broke everything. This is a fix update for 1.17 (also works in earlier versions).

The part system will come back in another update, but will never be the same :(



  • Parts system removed as this caused most of the issues in 1.17
  • Animations for a few mobs adjusted due to other changes in 1.17 (Silverfish, Ravager, others)
  • Baby head fixes reworked with various methods (textures, parts) for Zombie, Husk, Zombie Villager, Villager, and Pig
  • Removed Squid animations (update caused more strange behaviours in the animation, + sucked anyway lol)
  • Got the Skeleton quiver part in the add-on pack working for now (more to come later)
  • Updates to the Skeleton quiver part texture in the add-on pack


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