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Uploaded by FreshLX_official
Uploaded Apr 17, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
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This pack includes customizable addons for Fresh Animations.

Some features are not texture pack compatible, which is why they will be included here instead of the main pack.

Expect more addons in later updates.


(look in options.txt in the resource pack for directions)



Improved Baby Zombies:

  • This fixes baby zombies head sizes, and has downscaled textures
  • Similar to Better Vanilla Babies by DraminOver
  • Currently does not include baby zombie villager


Animated Blinking Textures:

  • Added the option for entities to blink from version 1


Iron Golem Centred Eyes:

  • Added the option to have centred eyes from version 1


Fresh Creeper Skin:

  • Added the option to use Fresh Creeper texture -  a simple cross between Minecraft Dungeons type and the original