F+ PVP [32x]

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299,752 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2022 Game Version: 1.19  

F+ PVP is a simple addon for Faithful 32x with well known PVP features:

  • Smaller, thinner swords
  • Colored bow and crossbow stages
  • Darker armor and horse armor textures
  • Transparent GUI
  • Slightly recolored items
  • Lower fire effect
  • New ore textures
  • Modified destroy effect
  • Removed pumpkin blur
  • Better underwater vision
  • Optifine features*
        (XP orb, durability status etc.)
  • New particles
  • More visible footprint

*You will have to install Optifine for these features!

The latest releases are available for 1.8 / 1.12 / 1.181.19


How to use F+ PVP

  • Download Faithful x32
  • Use F+ PVP 32x and Faithful 32x at the same time
  • Select the resource packs in this order:

Find addons for F+ PVP here!


This is an Addon for Faithful 32x, textures are based on the original Resource pack. Check out the official Faithful website.


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