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Hey all!

Summer here. I hope you enjoy the Fun in the Sun (FITS) pack. The resources in this pack are meant to offer a softer, country-themed, yet more vibrant alternative to the vanilla textures. I've always loved messing around with texture packs, but I always felt like popular texture packs never had what I wanted in my gameplay. So, I created FITS!

This pack is still “under construction,” and I’ve been trying to develop a good direction with the items and GUI. I appreciate any and all feedback for the pack, especially on the items and user interface front. If you enjoy this pack or want to stay up-to-date, go ahead and hit the follow heart and the diamond button so you can be kept up to date with the updates!

If you want to see the changelog for yourself, find my Instagram @summersbeachesmc and join my Discord server!

Fun in the Sun is a work-in-progress texture pack that is aimed to revisit vanilla textures and make them more vibrant, with a "country" twist to it. The pack works with many different styles, so you don't need to be afraid to try it out for yourself!



FITS offers more variety and character to Minecraft. The pack features several changes, including turning beetroots into corn!



FITS is focused around enhancing the vanilla feeling of the game. This is achieved through the many retextures and variations of different foliage, such as rose bushes, peonies, grass, and more!