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Resource pack discontinued. I no longer can keep up with updates. Fro now on you can use this pack where ever you like it without asking me for permissions in dms. Thank you to everyone who used it.



This pack adds a custom sky feature to your Minecraft day night cycle feel. Additions such as custom ambient sounds will make walking thru mines more creepy. Lighting strikes more intense. Rainfalls not obtrusive. Sounds of water streams more natural and many other additions.

Main focus is put on overall environmental feel and look. There are minimum changes to block textures.
OptiFine mod is required. Without it this resource pack will not work.

Download OptiFine:

In OptiFine setting enable ''Custom Sky'' and disable ''Clouds''

List of packs additions:

custom sky - this includes day, night and sunset/sunrise as well as star field + custom sky for rainfall and stormy weather and custom sky for End dimension

custom sounds for:

  •  of steps - Grass, gravel, dirt, stone, sand, wood and their variations step sounds
  •  cave ambient sounds effects - There are 17 new sounds and the rest 2 (in total 19) are default. You can try and listen to them. Go to: [FancySkies->assets->minecraft->sound->ambient->cave] and drag all files to VLC      media player and play (works best).
  •  of lighting strikes
  •  when breaking plant related blocks
  •  when using anvil
  • drinking


unobtrusive rain and snowfall - Rainfall now does not give you a headache. Raindrops are white and transparent on the screen.


Random entities and emissive textures - Differently colored eyes of endermen. Glowing eyes of drowned and ghats (not working now because of OptiFine bug hopefully this will be fixed in near future).


Added some Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid’s team.

This includes following tweaks: Different Stems, Red Iron Golem Flowers, Sticky Piston Sides, Directional Hoppers, Better Observers, Transparent Pumpkin, , WitherHearts and Ping Color Indicator

Check out Vanilla Tweaks:

note: All the original creators were contacted and and asked for permission to use their textures and files. See credits above.



-If you want to use some files in this resource pack for your own resource that will go public (curseforge, planet minecraft, etc.): write me a direct message (do not use coment section below)  asking for permission and enclosing some information about your project.

-If you want to use some files in your resource pack meant for closed community: txt. file with link to this page is good enough.

-You may modify files for your personal use. No need to ask me if things are meant only for you.



Check out this project on Planet Minecraft:

Please let me know in the comments bellow if you have any suggestions or ideas for future development..


Thank you for choosing my pack. :-)