This project been discontinued.

'The F+' or 'Faithful+' has been a thing for years now, originally created just for personal use and later published here just for fun.
Sadly, I don't see much interest from you and from me regarding this resource pack to continue regularly updating it.
If you still want to use features from The F+, check out the official addons created for Faithful.


A small addon with general improvements for Faithful x32.



  • Smaller swords
  • Tweaked Bow and Crossbow
  • Lower Fire effect
  • New Destroy effect
  • Smaller Crosshair
  • More visible Pumpkin blur
  • Not rounded GUI
  • More visible Anvil stages

How to use

  • Download Faithful x32
  • Use The F+ and Faithful x32 at the same time
  • Put The F+ above Faithful x32 in the resource pack options


Check out this project for more PVP features!



This resource pack is based on Faithful x32 textures. Check out the official Faithful website.

This is the official page of The F+. I'm not responsible for other uploads.