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This pack is an addon for Faithful x32 by Vattic and xMrVizzy. It is designed to change many small things about the game, while still keeping the default style. This was inspired by Xisumavoid's Vanilla Tweaks. I will add more textures as I find time.


Feel free to use this in a video, just provide a link here and don't claim it as your own.


For Vattic and xMrVizzy's Faithful, click here.

For Xisuma's Vanilla Tweaks, click here.


Important! Installation Instructions

  • This pack is in a modular  format - to install, simply copy the zip files within the download into your resource pack folder; each individual feature is its own mini-resource pack that can be individually enabled/disabled
  • Otherwise, just leave the download in your resource pack folder - it will function as a normal resource pack with every module


Future Plans

  • Create cobbled versions of the three stone versions
  • Put slime on the sides of sticky pistons
  • 3D modeling?
  • Make some sounds quieter
  • And a ton more!

Module List (as of 1.6)

  • Black Nether Brick
  • Clean Glass
  • Clean Redstone
  • Clean Stained Glass
  • Dark Granite
  • Dark Granite Bricks
  • Lower Grass
  • Lower Mycelium
  • Lower Paths
  • Lower Podzol
  • Lower Snow
  • Grass Sides
  • Mycelium Sides
  • Path Sides
  • Podzol Sides
  • Snow Sides
  • Polished Stone Bricks
  • Redstoner's Wool
  • Sideways Nuggets
  • Smooth Stone Slabs
  • Super Clean Glass
  • Whiter Concrete


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