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This datapack currently only adds 1 pokemon which is Eeveon.
Make sure to download both the Data Pack and the Resource Pack!
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Eeveon is a Normal Type Eeveelution.
It is obtained by evolving Eevee to level 28. It can also be encountered in the wild in the same places and times as Eevee can be located but much rarer.
- Eeveon uses the Flareon Model.
- Eeveon pokdex number is 2036.
- Eeveon is believed to be the first Eeveelution ever discovered.
- Eeveon learns the same moves as Eevee. Eevee learns Cut upon evolving into Eeveon.
- Eeveon has the highest speed stat of an Eeveelution.
- Eeveon has the lowest Sp. Attack stat tied with 2 other Eeveelutions.
- Eeveon has the lowest Sp. Defence stat tied with 1 other Eeveelutions.
- Eeveon will yield 2 Speed EVs to the pokemon that defeats it.


For Pixelmon Reforged 9.0.1+

You'll need both the Datapack and Resource Pack for it to work properly!




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