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Enchanting Reimagined



This is originally from my Minecraft Reimagined pack but I thought some people may like it but not my main pack, so I decided to give it a standalone pack!


I've always felt like the enchanting table could do with a more magical feel so this is just what Enchanting Reimagined does. Now the table a lot more like an actual table in it's model, however the biggest feature of the pack would be it's animated effect (requires optifine or a similar mod which supports custom animated book entity models) If you get close to the table a fully animated circle will appear and rotate around the table while a bunch of glowing particles will fly out, as well as of course the book having an animated glow in it's pages plus being more 3D! In other words, now when enchanting it'll really feel much more impactful hopefully!





Special thanks:

-ShrimpSnail, let me borrow and repurpose their enchanting book cem animation from their pack as well as helping me a ton with learning CEM animation:

-EwanHowell, helped me tweak and repurpose ShrimpSnail's original cem animation for the table:


-Extra thanks for anyone whose donated any amount during any time on my patreon or ko-fi, genuinely I'm so grateful to any of you.
Shameless Ko-Fi plug if you do feel generous: https://ko-fi.com/reijvi :)




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