Dustycraft V2 (1.12 ready!)

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29,708 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 8, 2017 Game Version: 1.12   +14

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Filename dustycraft2_1.12.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser6833756
Uploaded Jul 8, 2017
Game Version 1.12   +14
Size 5.03 MB
Downloads 18,578
MD5 5ac0b7df1408301a63d985e6254586ed


> Lilypad has a new texture
> Ingots have a new texture
> Picture frame has a softer border
> Icon for iron nugget
> New fire graphic(upscaled default)
> Brewing stand GUI updated
> Texture(animated) for Magma block has been added
> Texture for Bone block has been added
> Texture for Nether Wart block has been added
> Texture for Observer block has been added
> Texture for dispenser/dropper vertical faces has been added
> Texture for inverted daylight sensor has been added
> Texture for beetroot plant and progress has been added
> Texture for Red Nether Brick block has been added
> Nether Brick block texture updated to be darker/black
> Texture for cement blocks of all color varieties have been added
> Terracota/Stained clay textures have been modified
> Textures for all the new bed colors have been added
> Texture for enchanted items(enchanted_item_glint.png) has been added
> Particles.png has been updated with new particles
> Added graphics for toasts GUI
> Added graphics for new recipe book GUI
> Added graphics for new advancements GUI
> Added graphics for bars.png
> Updated icons.png with new HUD interface(sword charge indicator)
> Updated enchanting table with new level cost indicators
> Updated command block with new texture
> Added textures for command blocks: back, front, side, conditional, repeating, chain
> Texture for all concrete powder colors have been added
> Created model for end crystal item instead of using an icon
> Created icon for Totem of Undying
> Created textures for all 16 glazed terracotta blocks
> Created texture for all shulker entity colors
> Created icon for shulker shell

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