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Drown's Tool Tweaks is a resource pack designed to make vanilla and modded tools look more consistent and to add variation.

Expect to see support for more mods in the future.
Also on modrinth! (click here)
Mods currently supported: - all main vanilla tools (not counting shears, flint and steel, shield, bow and crossbow) - Oh the Biomes You'll GoBetterNetherBetterEnd  - Archon (only some for now) - Bits and ChiselsDragonLoot (sword and trident only) - Fantasy Origins (spear and triton trident only) - Bosses of Mass Destruction (earthdive spear only)
Harvest ScythesSpartan WeaponryMinecraft Comes Alive scythe - Werewolves - Become a Beast! silver tools - Vampirism - Become a Vampire! (currently axes only)

Planned - vanilla bow - Harvest Scythes and machetes - Variant Tools and Weaponry: More WeaponsFarmer's Delight knives - Epic FightImpaledMekanism Tools paxels - Fantasy Origins elven bow - rest of the Archon weapons - Apocalypse Origins hexblade and mirror blade   Join our Minecraft modding community by clicking here or using the discord invite code " 7uC27yjMaS "
Vanilla Tools - 1/2Vanilla Tools - 2/2Oh The Biomes You'll Go Pendorite ToolsBetter Nether ToolsBetter End ToolsBetter End Smith HammersSome Archon WeaponsBits and Chisels Tools, DragonLoot Dragon Sword