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Currently Identified and being fixed Bugs:

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This Texture Pack Currently Contains:

- Biome Specific Creepers
  - Grass Creepers
  - Stone Creepers
  - Snow Creepers

  - Sand Creepers
  - Red Sand Creepers
  - Mycelium Creepers
  - Glowing Eyes, Top of Mouth, and Charged Creeper Texture

- Re-Textured Ghasts
  - Glowing Eyes and Mouth
  - Bloody Tears

- Biome Specific Wolves
  - Grey Wolves for Forests and Extreme Hills
  - Timber Wolves for Jungles and Roofed Forests
  - Red Wolves for Taigas
  - Arctic Wolves for all Cold/Snowy Biomes
  - Hyena Wolf Texture for Savannas
  - Glowing Eyes at Night


- A Variety of Zombies
  - Glowing Eyes
  - Male and Female Zombies
  - Bloody and Torn Variations
  - Multiple Hair Colors


- A Variety of Slimes
- - Glowing and Non-Glowing
- - Red, Blue, and the Original Green

- Skeletons
- - Glowing Eyes

- Bats
- - Red Glowing Eyes

Requires Optifine for:
- Glowing Textures
- Biome Specific and Variety Mobs

Planned Future Additions:
- Spider Re-Texture
- Cave Spider Re-Texture
- Skeleton Re-Texture

- Enderman Re-Texture
- And Many More

The Shaderpack used for the Images above is SEUS Ultra

Please Keep in Mind This Pack is a Work In Progress so All Feedback is Helpful

Hey! If You Have an Idea You'd Like Added, Put it Into the Comments Below and It Might Get Added!