Diamond & Spawner X-ray Resource Pack [1.8.x]

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1


Sep 3, 2013

Owner: CounterYourFate

This is one of the BEST resource packs to find RESOURCES and SPAWNERS( finding spawners easily).

DOWNLOAD and TRY it out.

Don't forget to give Your precious feedbacks and suggestions for future improvements. Please like and tweet .Thanks for supporting my project !! o(∩_∩)o

Due to 1.8 update, most blocks are no longer transparent.

Ores and Mob Spawners are now animated to help finding them easier.

PS: This resource pack is not a X-ray mod therefore it may help you to find some resources that are uncovered underground, see through blocks and etc.. Do not expect it to work as a Xray mod, this is so far the best way to see through blocks without xray mod.


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