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Umm Hi...

Ever since Yarrmateys, the author of the 1.12 remake version of Cute Mob Models Mod, had abandoned the mod several years ago, so we the team had decided to recreate CMM into its modern state as an OptiFine Resource Pack and a Bedrock Addon Pack ho nooo. the Bedrock version is currently put on hold.

This is not a 1:1 recreation of CMM Mod, as there are some limitations on OptiFine's CEM and we will build new things upon it.

Also yes, this resource pack is still in development.
Future updates will add more supported mobs, fix bugs, and make improvements.
There are 2 installation methods:
OptiFine and Mod for Fabric, Forge, Quilt

Fabric (recommended), Forge, Quilt method:

Click here

 OptiFine method:

Click here

Now mob's texture can be changed using the name tag

Click here


Latest Change log [6/28/2023]

1.19 and 1.20

- Added Allay

- Added Warden (Work in progress, bug might occurred.)



- Fixed Desert villager showing incorrect texture

- Fixed head (item)


1.15 - 1.17

- Fixed baby-sized mobs


1.15 - 1.20

Now mob's texture can be changed using the name tag 


Our List of Supported Mobs for the Resource Pack

List of changes since CMM 1.12.2 to 1.18.1

== Additional Models ==
- Axolotl
- Bat
- Bee
- Cat
- Chicken
- Cod
- Dolphin
- Donkey
- Drowned
- Ender Dragon
- Endermite
- Evoker
- Fox
- Glow Squid
- Goat
- Horse
- Llama
- Mule
- Ocelot
- Panda
- Phantom
- Pig
- Piglin
- Piglin Brute
- Pillager
- Rabbit
- Ravager
- Sheep
- Shulker
- Skeleton Horse
- Squid
- Strider
- Trader's Llama
- Vex
- Vindicator
- Wandering Trader
- Wither
- Zombie Horse
- Zombified Piglin

== Model and Texture Changes ==
- Blaze (Slight texture change)
- Cave Spider (Slight model and texture change)
- Creeper (Slight model and texture change)
- Enderman (Got Taller)
- Magma Cube (Slight model and texture change)
- Mooshroom (Slight model and texture change)
- Silverfish (Slight model and texture change)
- Skeleton (Slight texture change)
- Slime (Slight model and texture change)
- Stray (Slight model and texture change)
- Villager (Models and textures changes)
- Witch (Slight model and texture change)
- Wither Skeleton (Slight texture change)
- Zombie Villager (Models and textures changes) 

== Others ==
- Every mob now has an eye blinking animation.
- Every mob now has a tiny head bobbing animation.
- Slimes and Magma Cubes now has a medium and small model variant.
- Different type (biome) of Villagers has a different hair color and clothes.
- Different type (biome) of Zombie Villagers has a different hair color and clothes.
- Most mobs that have a baby variant now have their own separated models for an adult variant and a baby variant.
- Guardians now bounce on their side when they are not in the water.



NOTE: This resource pack requires at least OptiFine in order to function properly!

If the resource pack is not working correctly, please check following settings.

"Video Settings → Quality → Custom Entity Models" → ON.

"Video Settings → Quality → Random Entity" → ON.

"Video Settings → Animations → Texture Animated" → ON.

If this does not fix the issue, please do report that, preferably with some screenshots, down under the topic.


Check out our Discord Server with us.

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