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3D Crops

Check out Crops 3D - Faithful x32 Variant



Crops 3D is a resource pack which focuses on improving the look and feel of Minecraft farming with better 3D models for certain crops and plants in the game. The models in this pack use a mixture of 3D cubes and flat planes to achieve a more default vanilla look. In addition, the textures of the models are directly created from their default vanilla equivalent so as to not stray to far from the look of the base game.


The pack currently includes models for the following blocks:

Carrots, Beetroots, Potatoes, Wheat, Melon/Pumpkin Stem, Netherwart, Sugarcane, Sweet Berry Bush, Red/Brown Mushroom, Crimson/Warped Fungus, Bamboo Sapling, All Vanilla Saplings, All Vanilla Flowers, All Flower/Sapling potted variants.



  • Inspired by "3D crops!" Reddit post by u/MushirMickeyJoe
  • All models created with Blockbench
  • All textures created from default Minecraft textures