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Creatures+ and Textures+ Discord server: https://discord.gg/WCvwtzW

 my youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCROOYAHYYupGE6AJAjl9XLQ



Textures by SwiftShadowFox, dbrighthd, Fishysalmon02, and mistykitty33418


Minecraft earth textures from  U1timateJ7 and Ewan Howell

 used u/MushirMickeyJoe 's Alex husk as a base. check out their podcast Here


More Creature Textures added!



+ Orca
+Amazon river dolphin
+beluga whale

+Common Dolphin



 + Cockatoo

 + Blue Budgie/Parakeet

 + Yellow Budgie/Parakeet

 + Green Cheek Conure/Ari from JaidenAnimations

 +Tofu from JaidenAnimations
 + Sun Conure

 + Bald Eagle
 +Yellow Cockatiel (based on Momo, my friends bird who passed away)
 + Toucan
 + Puffin



 + Blue Flatback

 +  2 Hawksbill Turtle textures

 + Leatherback turtle


 + Pug

 + German Shepard

 + Huskie

 + Border collie

 + Yellow Lab

 + Dog Bandana (replaces collar when an exclamation point "!" is added to the name)

 + [MCE] Skeleton Dog (Only when named "Grim")

 + Soul Hound (When renamed to "Soul Hound")


 + Tiger

 + wild ocelot as tamed cat

 + Gray Tabby

 + Tortoiseshell Cat

 + Dark Siamese Tabby

 + 3 Legged Dark Brown tabby



+ [MCE] Albino Cow
+ [MCE] Ashen Cow
+ [MCE] Brule Cow
+ [MCE] Wooly Cow
+ [MCE] Cookie Cow
+ [MCE] Dairy Cow
+ [MCE] Sunset Cow
+ [MCE] Wooly Cow
+ [MCE] Pinto Cow

+ [MCE] Pink Moobloom (When renamed to "Pink Moobloom", or when spawned in a flower forest)
+ [MCE] Yellow Moobloom (When renamed to "Moobloom", or when spawned in a flower forest)



 + [MCE] Muddy Pig
 + [MCE] Dried Muddy Pig
 + [MCE] Pale Pig
 + [MCE] Piebald Pig
 + [MCE] Mottled Pig
 + [MCE] Pink Footed Pig
 + [MCE] Sooty Pig
 + [MCE] Spotted Pig

 + Muddy variant for every pig

 + Raccoon

 + Badger

 + Red Panda


+ Trans Pride Flag Bee
+ Gay Pride Flag Bee
+ Bi Pride Flag Bee
+ Lesbian Pride Flag Bee
+ Pan Pride Flag Bee
+ Asexual Pride Flag Bee
+ Ally Pride Flag Bee
+ Non-binary Pride Flag Bee 

+ Aroace bee
+ Gay "mlm" bee
+ demiboy bee
+ demigirl bee
+ neptunic bee
+ bigender bee

Fishy's Magic Horses! (with some edits by dbrighthd ;P) 

+ Pegasus (rename a horse to "Pegasus")
+ Unicorn (rename a white horse to "Unicorn")
+ Alicorn (rename a white horse to "Alicorn")
+ Zombie Pegasus (rename a horse to "Zegasus")
+ Skeleton Pegasus (No feathers)
+ Skeleton Pegasus (Some Feathers)
+ Skeleton Pegasus (a lot of feathers)
+ Mule and Donkey pegasus (rename to "Pegasus")


 +[MCE] Bold striped rabbit 

 + [MCE] Jolly llama (Only when a llama is renamed to "Jolly")
 + [MCE] Horned Sheep
 + [MCE] Furnace Golem

+ [MCE] Glowing Squid

+ [MCE] Muddy Rabbit

+ [MCE] Vested Rabbit

+ Zombie horse (already exists in game, buit rename a horse to "Zorse" to make it a zombie horse)

+ Skeleton Donkeys and Mules when renamed to "Skelly"

Hostile Mobs:

 + Soul Blaze (Only when spawned in Soul Sand Valley)

 + Soul Skeletons (When spawned in Soul Sand Valley)

 + Alex Husk

 + Alex Zombie

 + [MCE] Bone Spider



 + Subtle animation to glow squid
+ Black Melanoid Axolotl (must rename a wild/brown axolotl to anything with "Black" in it)
+ Albino Axolotl (must rename a pink/lucy axolotl to anything with "Albino" in it)
+ Glowing Green Axolotl (must rename a gold axolotl to anything with "Green" in it)

Axolotl buckets are retextured to match the axolotl type inside them!

+ Chimera axolotls! (rename any axolotl to "Chimera")
+ Red squid variant (only spawns in deep ocean) (#8)
+ jeb_ axolotl, rename an axolotl to jeb_ to have it animate like a jeb sheep!! (#11)

Firefly axolotls!* Mix and match axolotl bodies and tails! just rename any axolotl to have the tail type you want!


*this is a rare and slightly controversial practice in real life, and its done by splitting and recombining axolotl embryos, and causes no pain to the axolotl

Other works of mine:


Fresh Animations compatibility: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/creatures-animated

Elytras+: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/elytras

Pumpkins+: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/pumpkins

Weapons+: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/weapons