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Uploaded by romancapitalist
Uploaded Oct 24, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 54.41 MB
Downloads 717
MD5 2a462879dae3853b7bfb7efb176081e5
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


v1.4.2 Changelog:

New blocks:
-Cobblestone door
-Cobblestone vertical slab
-Cobblestone corner block
-Spruce, Birch, Jungle, and Acacia 3D stairs/railings
-Iron 3D stairs/railings/grate
-Trapdoor, wall, and fence variants for all roof blocks
-3D table model
-3D big/small lantern models
-3D nest model
-3D dark and light shutter models

-3D arrow slit has a vertical slab hitbox
-Bay windows have a vertical slab hitbox
-Tool racks now have a trapdoor hitbox
-Tool racks turned into directional blocks on the edge of a block space
-Curtain bars can be walked through
-Railing blocks are now directional
-Rope wall no longer has half and post models
-Vine Curtain models no longer added curtains onto the ceiling
-Lava Obsidian block now emits light
-Coals Block now emits light
-Bamboo fences no longer connect
-Arrow slit blocks now have ctm and a better model
-Pig ironbar no longer has a half ironbar model
-Swordfish are automatically placed as a full texture
-Lanterns now have collision and cannot be walked through
-Cloud block can now be walked through
-Added development tab

Bug fixes:
-Default iron bar texture fixed
-Map CTM for the double slab is fixed
-Iron bar models fixed
-Fixed most of the zfighting occurring with the wooden table
-3D corner rails are fixed
-Vanilla leaf blocks no longer have the Optifine text when held in a player's hand
-Fixed item models for many plants